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Agricultural water management, is one of the major challenges faced by the South African farming community, due to our extreme weather conditions.

Agricultural water management becomes of high importance, in modern and intensive agriculture conditions. Its effects are found in providing optimal and equal conditions to the crops, during yielding and growing. In areas with an excess of water, an efficient drainage system provides an appropriate water runoff, ensuring a better water management.

De Wet Drainage offers cost effective drainage solutions, guaranteeing lower production costs and increased yield.

For waterlogged agricultural land we do:

Sub-surface drainage

We apply the technology of the Soil-Max Gold Digger, an American concept that has been successfully used in the USA for over 40 years. (
Surface drainage

Surface Drainage involves managing the water flow and direction on your land to optimize water use, improve crop establishment and irrigation time through GPS land leveling or sloping.

In modern farming, soil preparation is very important to ensure saving input costs and better crop yielding possibilities. By getting a soil profile and analyzing the soil, you can accurately establish what preparation is needed within your ground.

Drainage tiling, land leveling and or sloping, trench plough and ripping, is just some of the main professional services we offer.


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